Friday, January 31, 2020

Is signing to a label mojoheadz records worth it?

The label are a record label from Los-Angeles. Mojoheadz was established in Russia and moved to LA in 2019. Mojoheads collaborate with many labels and record studios. Mojoheadz Records always looking for new talents on SoundCloud & LabelRadar with comments saying they would like to sign this record.

The label also has great contacts and opportunities in the music industry to promote they release. The result is that most artists who release a track on this record company are verry happy with the result and therefore do nothing in the way of promoting their singles.

Read This Before You Sign A Track to Mojoheadz Records
Mojoheadz Records in Amsterdam
They have website and Instagram: with a Facebook:

This record company release four or five tracks every week, almost all by new & very talented artists. Since it is clear that, despite all the mentions of “one-man” on his website, this is is big team operation that is quite a good income signed artists and record label.


  1. MojoHeadz records became the meeting places of the inspired, creative and downright talented.

  2. From techno to hip hop, the imprint hasn’t been afraid to jump on and champion the next genre of music taking clubland by storm. I woud like Mojoheadz to sign my music.


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